Mighty Morph Board

Mighty Morph Board

September 10, 2018 0 By SSR

Not seen anything like this before.

This is the Morph Board, I guess you could say its a 4 in 1 board!

So you basically buy the base package which includes the board, skateboard undercarriage and scooter undercarriage for £99.99 (get HERE) then if you want the add-ons you can  buy the balance tube and bounce parts, the balance tube comes with blanking plugs for where the holes are in the board and the bounce attachment fill the holes anyway as they have foot straps.

The add-ons come in at just £39.99 ea

The idea behind seems pretty good and I’m guessing this will be more for the younger generation than the older person already at the skate-park.

Changing between the various attachments is really simple as you just twist to lock into place, even your child can do it so there is no tools needed.

Never the less for £180.00 in total whether they want to Scoot, Skate, Balance or Bounce you can keep your child happy and off the games console with one of these morph boards.