Fuzion Scooter – JumpX

Fuzion Scooter – JumpX

July 26, 2018 0 By SSR

Wow we are finding all this innovative amazing ideas for you.

We have been searching the web for the next big scooter and I think this scooter is going to be up there with the best.

This is the Jump-X from Fuzion Scooter, the front end is like a pogo stick giving you a massive boost for air time and a leaf spring at the rear to cushion your landing.

The springs in the front and the leaf spring at the back also help the scooter to give a much smoother ride.

The deck is made of aircraft grade aluminum the fork and bars of steel.

The wheels are 110mm allowing for a quicker ride. The scooter is for riders who are seeking a performance experience which will allow them to do advanced scooter tricks, the JumpX scooter has been getting rave reviews from all who’ve tried their prototypes at skate parks.

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